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Includes The People’s Violin, New-Play Reading Festival, and Two Jews Walk Into A War…

The People’s Violin

by Charles Varon

October 23 – November 14, 2021

A filmmaker with a faltering career receives a grant to make a documentary about his father, a famous Jewish author and therapist for Holocaust survivors. When the discovery of a mysterious violin slowly uncovers the family’s unspoken history, the project turns into a gripping quest for truth. This intriguing and suspenseful drama, framed as a documentary, reveals the complexity of family, relationships, and the search for identity.

New-Play Reading Festival


February 23 – March 20, 2022

Three new plays, hand-picked and not yet seen by the public, will be presented in onstage readings. This format will allow audiences to experience cutting-edge work and Six Points Theater to broaden the landscape of Jewish theater. 

Two Jews Walk Into A War…

by Seth Rozin

April 30 – May 22, 2022

Zeblyan and Ishaq are the last two Jews living in Kabul. While they both want to urgently repopulate their ancient Jewish community, how to do so is something they cannot agree upon. Against a backdrop of explosions and bullets, the two men must reconcile their theological differences and work together. Inspired by true events, this play balances Borscht Belt humor and poignancy in a touching look at cultural continuity.

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Chanukah in the Dark

by Hayley Finn

December 4 – December 17, 2021

It’s Chanukah, and 10-year-old Max is looking forward to presents, latkes and his grandmother’s amazing donuts. But when an ice storm causes a power outage, Max discovers that Chanukah is all about overcoming adversity and seeing the miracles in life. A world premiere with original songs, commissioned by our theater.

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