This poignant and heartwarming comedy, taking place in Manhattan and Brooklyn in 1991, centers around Shmuel and Zalmy, two Chabad-Lubavitcher teenagers. When they go into the secular community to engage non-observant Jews and do good deeds in their Mitzvah tank - “Mitzvahs on the Spot for People on the Go”- they meet Jonathan, a charismatic millennial Catholic man searching for meaning and purpose. As the twosome becomes a circle of three, friendships and love of Judaism are tested. Read more.


Revealing common threads of humanity.


Exploring universal stories through a Jewish lens, Six Points Theater brings artists and audiences together in an intimate setting to create provocative theater that reveals the common threads of humanity.


Barbara Brooks

Producing Artistic Director

Six Points Theater

Formerly Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company

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Core Values Guide Six Points Theater


Six Points Theater strives to produce work that is relevant,

impactful, and true to lived Jewish experiences.

Artistic Excellence

Six Points Theater aspires to produce work of the highest artistic standards.



Our audiences can trust Six Points Theater with their time and resources,

knowing that we will respect their support with work that explores

Jewish stories that highlight the common dreams and struggles

of our shared humanity. 



At Six Points Theater we endeavor to provide theater that feels

fresh and new while keeping true to our history. 



Six Points Theater will be good stewards of the financial resources

provided to us by all of our donors, to whom we are so grateful and

without which this theater and its mission could not exist. 


Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase for the Jewish value of 'repairing the world.' 

Six Points Theater is committed to exploring differences, illuminating commonalities, and fostering greater understanding on stage and off. 

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