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Spawned from what many would say is William Shakespeare's most controversial play, this modern rendering is a dark comedy that takes place where The Merchant of Venice leaves off. In it, banished Shylock returns to see his daughter, Jessica, who is now in a Christian marriage. Their reunion sets them on a journey of personal discovery and identity. This exciting new play explores themes of anti-Semitism and faith, and the many facets of Shakespeare's most iconic characters. WORLD PREMIERE  


Arnold Beckoff is a drag queen in New York City.
What does he want in life? Happiness! A husband, a child, and respect from his Jewish mother! Taking place in the 1970/80s, the award-winning comedy Torch Song Trilogy helped set the stage for the emergence of gay rights and the fight for human dignity. Updated by the playwright in 2017, with tenderness and great humor, Torch Song reminds us how fragile those rights remain.

Revealing Common Threads of Humanity


Exploring universal stories through a Jewish lens, Six Points Theater brings artists and audiences together in an intimate setting to create provocative theater that reveals the common threads of humanity.


Barbara Brooks

Producing Artistic Director

Six Points Theater

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