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Message from an Artist


It's not coincidence that Six Points Theater is where I experienced one of the most fulfilling and powerful theatrical productions in quite some time.

It's not coincidence.

Uncle Philip's Coat was realized because of the clear and powerful vision this theater has for its audience. Because of the welcoming, caring, and nurturing environment created for its artists. Where we feel free and supported to do our very best work, from director to designer to stage management to actor. There is an alchemy involved...and not often realized in some companies. But I found it here. And it resulted in something rare that I think we are all very proud of.

Can't ask for more than that! Ever. And I'm grateful to have been a part of their season and journey.

If any theater deserves support for this vision and accomplishment, Six Points certainly does!

- JC Cutler

JC Cutler in Uncle Philip's Coat  Sarah Whiting photo 2.jpeg

As Matty in "Uncle Philip's Coat"

JC in TPV.jpg

As Sol in "The People's Violin"

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