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Doorways is Six Points Theater's initiative of ongoing programs such as symposia, community forums, post-show discussions, written communications and work with schoolchildren, all designed to open the door to greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays we present and to deeper insight into the subjects and issues they address. The programs are entertaining and educational and in conjunction with the current play on stage. All programs are free and open to the public.


2022 - 2023 Season

​⦁ Groupthink by Mathew Goldstein (World Premiere) 

Meet the Actors

- with Lynda J. Dahl, Pedro Juan Fonseca, Joanna Harmon, Damian Leverett and John Middleton

Living in a World of Untruths and Alternative Facts at LAKE MONSTER BREWING, St. Paul

- with Hamline's Distinguished University Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies

  David Schultz and Rabbi Esther Adler

⦁ Uncle Philip's Coat by Matty Selman

Meet the Actor and Director

- with actor JC Cutler and director Craig Johnson

Meet the Playwright - by zoom

- with Matty Selman

What Does Clothing Design Say About Society?

- with Marilyn DeLong, Professor Emerita, in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota,      specializing in Fashion Trends and Cross-cultural Influence on Design


⦁ Trayf by Lindsay Joelle

Meet the Playwright - by zoom

- with Lindsay Joelle

A Special Conversation with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Feller

- Rabbi Feller is Director of the Upper Midwest Merkos Chabad Lubavitch and Lubavitch House

⦁ The Wanderers by Anna Ziegler

Meet the Actors

- with Avi Aharoni, Lynda J. Dahl, Amanda Cate Fuller, Lea Kalisch and Tony Larkin

Marriage, Race and Religion - CLE - 1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit Applied For

- with Marshall Tanick, moderator, Steve Harris, family law attorney, Karen Bryant, immigration law     attorney, and Rabbi Menachem Mendel Feller, Director of the Upper Midwest Merkos Chabad          Lubavitch and Lubavitch House

2021 - 2022 Season

A Pickle by Deborah Yarchun

How to Pickle Vegetables - by zoom

- with Doris Rubenstein, the woman who was the inspiration for A Pickle

State Fair Food Over the Years - What's Changed? - by zoom

- with Sara Hayden, State Fair vendor, Tobie Nidetz, veteran of the hospitality industry, and

  James Norton, editor of Heavy Table

The People’s Violin by Charles Varon

The Violin as an Instrument - Each Tells a Story - by zoom

- with Andy Fein, owner of Fein Violins, and Michael Sutton, a Minnesota Orchestra and MacPhail Center for Music faculty member

Children of Holocaust Survivors - Keeping the Memory Alive - by zoom

- with Maia Brumberg-Kraus and Rosanne Zaidenweber, both daughters of survivors, moderated      by therapist Beth Shapiro Johnson

The Holocaust's Stolen Property - CLE - 1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit Applied For

- with Marshall Tanick, moderator, George Sonnen, owner of St. Paul based History Bound, LLC,        Rachel Dahl, partner in Maslon's Estate Planning Group, and Ivan Rafowitz, a multi-keyboardist      musician and producer of contemporary music

Two Jews Walk Into A War…by Seth Rozin

Meet the Actors

- with Avi Aharoni and Nathan Keepers

Meet the Playwright - by zoom

- with Seth Rozin

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