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Doorways is Six Points Theater's initiative of ongoing programs such as symposia, community forums, post-show discussions, written communications and work with schoolchildren, all designed to open the door to greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays we present and to deeper insight into the subjects and issues they address. The programs are entertaining and educational and in conjunction with the current play on stage. All programs are free and open to the public.


2023 - 2024 Season


⦁ SISTERS IN LAW, by Jonathan Shapiro
Meet the Actors
Meet Laura Esping and Patty Mathews and find out what it was like preparing to portray these legal legends. 

Tuesday, October 24, in the theater after the 1 p.m. performance

Equal Pay and Affirmative Action in Today’s World
A recent Pew Research Center analysis shows the gender pay gap in the U.S. hasn’t changed much in two decades. And in June of this year, the Supreme Court effectively ended affirmative action in college and university admission programs. Labor and employment attorney Leanne Litfin and former Rasmussen University President and consultant Trenda Boyum, along with moderator Myrna Marofsky, will hold a wide-ranging discussion of these topics.
Wednesday, October 25, in the theater after the 7:30 p.m. performance

Navigating Your Career as a Woman Attorney – CLE - 1.0 Elimination of Bias Credit Applied For
A panel of women attorneys who have successfully shattered the glass ceiling will offer insights on how to overcome the institutional hurdles that prevent women from reaching their full potential as leaders within their chosen roles. The panel will provide concrete tips and actionable strategies for women attorneys at all stages of their careers. Moderated by attorney Victoria del Campo. Sponsored by Dorsey & Whitney LLP.
Sunday, November 5, in the theater after the 1 p.m. performance


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