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CHERRY and SPOON 2022 #TCTheater Favorites - Two Jews Walk Into A War

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

January 1, 2023

by Jill Schafer

...if there's one thing we've learned the past few years, it's that artists will find a way to make art. I couldn't be happier that in 2022 I finally experienced a full year of theater again, with some really amazing and creative work by our intrepid local theaters. And now I have the difficult task of narrowing down the amazing shows I saw this year to a small list of favorites.

Here are my 10 (or so) favorite musicals, plays, new work, and more.

Plays (in alphabetical order, click the title to read the full review)

  • My final choice also features a dynamic comedy duo - Avi Aharoni and Nathan Keepers in Two Jews Walk into a War… at Six Points Theater. As the last two Jews in Afghanistan, whether they were bickering, arguing, working together, or rolling around on the floor, they were endlessly entertaining to watch as they both gave hilarious, poignant, and very physical performances. Not just a simple comedy, this gem of a play also explored "some pretty deep issues of faith, community, tradition, identity, and the meaning of home." (With honorable mention for Six Points' production of Uncle Phillip's Coat, featuring a tour de force performance by #TCTheater favorite J.C. Cutler.)

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